5 Dec 2008

Running out of code!

I'm seriously beginning to run out of code to write. All of the cool, interesting challenges have been dealt with, and I'm left with stuff like making sure the game doesn't b0rk when you remove the storage device you're saving to. Yep, exciting work indeed.

Jeanette's been working on cliffs, and I've assembled a list of sound effects that we'll be needing and hopefully Owen will be able to help us with. The plan is to record a lot of the voicework ourselves in Chilly's studio, but it's pretty hard to sample tropical birds in the back of a detached house in Hastings. Joyce has been beavering away on the branding, and is getting on to the tricky business of colour and palettes. I'm as much use as a 360 d-pad here - if it's not primary colours, then I can't do it.