3 Dec 2008


Apologies for the late post - I had to teach some kids how to stop people stabbing them with only an hour's notice.

You know you're at a nice stage in a game's development cycle when you're writing joypad rumble code. I mean, really important stuff *cough*. I've got an architecturally nice solution, which of course yanks the crank of the OO developer in me, but it's not really that exciting for normal human beings.

Artwork is still chugging along, and I need to spend some time writing specs for the rest of the assets we need to create so I can get external workers on the case. Even at our slower-than-estimated pace, we're still on target for early February.

I've been thinking about ports. Whilst it's early days, it would be stupid to not try and maximise my return on the investment we've already made. The chances of us making a profit on this project are slim-to-none, so making the product available on as many platforms as possible would make sense. I'm going to look at PlayStation Network and WiiWare, and maybe even a cut-down Flash port. The main features and investments in this game are plot and artwork: attributes that translate to any platform.

In branding-related progress I spent a full 3 minutes laughing my arse off at a proposal from Joyce that looked more like some kind of Savannah Gay Pride emblem than anything else.