4 Dec 2008


I've been inundated by literally two emails asking to keep the zebras. Tempting as they and their comedy stylings are, I'm afraid it's going to have to be a no. For a start, they're from the Botswana coat of arms.

I finally got around to coding up the thrilling options screen. You can now set effects and music volume, rumble on-and-offness, and have it all saved along with your progress. It really isn't terribly exciting, is it?

I started talking to Owen Price about sourcing some sound effects. I'd like to get a lot of ambient sounds in the game to help create a memorable and absorbing atmosphere.

Talking of Owen, it's quite handy having so many talented mates with different skillsets. The dream is to one day build Binary Tweed to be a mid-sized software house and then employ them all.

On a random note, I was watching an old TV appearance of mine from 2003. Funny to think that back then I was still in Uni, and had only just started a martial art which I've now been teaching for a year. Hopefully in five year's time I'll be doing interviews on our first commercial release...