24 Nov 2008


After a weekend's drinking, getting thrown at the floor repeatedly, drinking some more, and then wanting to crawl into a very dark and very quiet hole for a whole day, it's back to work. It's of note that one of my students got a gold medal, and another 4th place... Next competition I'm determined we're going to win the whole thing.

I've made some headway with the UI, and I think it looks pretty neat. That said, I'm a terrible judge of such things, and so I'm going to have to put it out to a wider audience. Doing all this after having managed a team of designers is pretty frustrating, and makes one remember quite how talented the design team at CMC Markets is.

Talking of which, Joyce should be getting design stuff to me this week, and then this time next week I will be able to move away from this tacky Blogger default template. Shortly after that, I'll start courting the press, providing we're on track with the artwork.

Give it a week or two, and everything will start getting more exciting. Already got one interview lined up for a small site, and hopefully I'll be able to get some more mainstream coverage.