14 Nov 2008

productivity:y; beer intake:x; const:k; y = k/x

In order to keep productivity high, I didn't drink after teaching last night. This isn't normally so bad, but I still went to the bar. You have no idea how rock and/or roll I felt drinking HydroActive in a Student Union.

Today I've been further tweaking event handling and scripted moments, and tidying up some scene transitions. This means we can do better storytelling, and generally make things look nicer. Jeanette's been looking at trees (quite literally), and we've imported a lot more of the art assets. We're close to having the first area of the game playable and fleshed out.

Last night, upon review of the project plan, it became apparent that unless something changes soon we're going to run over massively because of the artwork. We're going to see how it goes, but we're lining up artist Paul Alexander Thornton to help out with some of the watercolours if needs be. If you haven't checked out his stuff yet, I really do recommend that you do so.

On tonight's agenda is finishing Gears Of War 1 (yes, I know) so I can hurry up and get stuck into the sequel, before Shithead ends up overtaking my gamerscore.