17 Nov 2008


Another week gone, another week nearer completion.

We've got to a point in the project where the scope of what's left to do has very few curveballs left to throw at us. Very rarely does one start a project knowing everything that will need to be done: you can measure the maturity of a project by working out how much potential for surprises is left. With the plot written, the engine completed and the art assets detailed, there's (hopefully) not much that can go wrong from here in.

As before, I've been doing some thrilling work on event handling, and Jeanette has moved onto creating a myriad of trees, bushes and grasses. Chris has even been getting in on the act, demoing some ideas for the soundtrack. We're aiming for a sound similar to Braid, but without the design constraint of it needing to sound good backwards. As soon as I've sorted some file hosting, I'll put these online.

I'm not going to be able to share much of the game with you peeps until we've started approaching the press. I'd explain why, but being I'm new to this business I think it's best to keep quiet until I've got everything sorted.