10 Nov 2008


Today I've been coming to the closing stages of fleshing out the plot of my first game. Whilst I've had the general themes from the outset, it's been a challenge to embody the plot with player actions, rather than just exposition set-pieces. I've decided I've got too many ideas to squeeze into one game and have it still make sense. Hopefully Ill find some way of being able to pay the rent and develop future titles.

I was quite surprised to see that Peter Molyneux and the chaps at Lionhead worked on the plot for the original Fable after having completed a lot of the game world. On first discovering that fact, I felt surprised and vindicated in equal measure. Surprised that what I see as a crucial component to an RPG would be left so late; vindicated in that I deliberately chose to let game design and even development methodology follow the story I wanted to tell. Having played the sequel, it's evident that Lionhead didn't make the same mistake again.

My game won't be Metal Gear Solid 4 in terms of story-telling - some might say that's a good thing - but it will have a plot that carries mature themes and nixes one of my most-hated gaming clich├ęs. When it's finally released, I might start a "Hunt The Reference" competition to see if anyone can track down all the nods and winks I've scattered throughout.