19 Nov 2008

NXE, Business Stuff

I've spent most of the day titting around with lots of fun and exciting business stuff. The usual affair, trademarks, registration, VAT, leases... Going to need to get me one of them lawyers some time soon.

Jeanette's been painting churches, backgrounds and doing more grass today. Just about to start work on the UI - I know how I want it to work, it's just how it's going to look that's the hard bit.

After finally getting NXE installed, I downloaded a few trial Community Games. I must say that I'm impressed by the position of CG within the new OS, and fears of our little marketplace area being shunned behind a torrent of menus turned out to be unfounded. Artoon in particular has high production values, although I'm not sure quite how much fun it is to play. One thing for sure is it looks pretty as hell.