13 Nov 2008

Event Handlers, Fable 2

Feeling decidedly less pants this morning, I set about improving my scripted event code. I've now got the capability to performed timed scripted events, so we can add some more funky camera effects and the like.

Jeanette's currently working on grass, and we're testing a few different approaches as to whether the foreground of a level should look like a cut-section (ala most platformers), or whether we should use more parallax loving to create a sense of depth. Unfortunately it's looking like whilst the latter will be more sexy, it will also be more time consuming.

I was up 'til 1am last night 'completing' Fable 2. It's a game that so nearly achieves greatness, but somehow falls short in a few areas. The atmosphere of the opening section was absolutely enthralling, and Mr. Molyneux has certainly achieved his goal of creating a plot that people will unlikely forget. However I couldn't help feeling that a triple-A MGS-published title should have fewer graphical glitches, and I can't see any reason on Earth why the menu system should be so sluggish. There's a few interesting user experience choices in there, and evidence of misinterpretation of user goals. All in all I'd recommend the game to anyone, but this isn't a review blog so I should probably stop waffling!

I've got to go and teach some kids how to defend themselves with knives this afternoon, so I'm going to sod off and make lunch.