11 Nov 2008

Engine - Nearly There!

The fundamentals of the game engine are pretty much complete now, which is a nice milestone.

I've not mentioned any specifics about 'The Game' so far, as I'm waiting until I have something to actually show people. I'm also trying to figure out how to market the thing too, as trying to promote something you're quite close to can be a bit of a challenge. I will say this however: the engine is built for 2D platforming.

Features working in the current build include:
  • Scrolling and zoomable camera;
  • Per-pixel collision detection;
  • Moving and animated terrain and characters;
  • More parallax layers then you can shake a Float at;
  • AI-driven non-player-characters;
  • Multiple XML-populated maps;
  • Dialogue and scripted events;
  • Environment specific soundtracks;
  • Position-aware sound effects;
  • Menu system and stackable game scenes.
Apologies to all the non-nerds who battled through that list - I'll be explaining what all that actually means in terms of gameplay another time.

All that's left in terms of coding are the odds-and-sods that'll crop up through the map and plot implementation, specifically new event handlers and the like.

As I mentioned the other day, we've completed artwork tests (things like scale, and artistic approach) and have started actual art asset production. This is pretty funky, but somewhat worrying in that it's taking rather longer than expected.