18 Nov 2008


Some of you may have noticed I've been having a few issues with my domain name and thus blog. I've been the proud owner of www.binarytweed.com for a short while now, but I can't get my hosting company to turn off request redirection so I can let the DNS CNAME entry to Blogger do it's thang. Hopefully one of the tech support guys from EasyNic is reading this, and might be in the process of getting it working.

We added in another load of artwork today, mostly trees, shrubberies and the like. We've had a few issues with grass, as we did want to do some foreground scenery to make the most of the parallax features of the engine. Unfortunately, that'd require another few months' worth of artwork, so we're going for the trad-platformer cut-section approach instead. Something that's becoming rapidly apparent as more of the game world gets built is that we need more animations in the background to keep everything looking lively.

On the coding side, I've only got two more event handling classes to write before I can move onto something more sexy and gratifying. Then next week, we should be getting the design assets for the brand, so I can start contacting the world.

Oooh, New Xbox Experience is out tomorrow - that means all you non-XNA-peeps get to see some of the other Community Games!