20 Nov 2008

Coming Together

Today has been a day much like yesterday. Yep, that's how exciting this games development melarkey really is.

Jeanette's still working on the church artwork she was doing yesterday. This time it's all post-scan digital work, tweaking colours and adding fanciness. As soon as this is done we're going to start on a real drive to get the first large environment of the game world finished and playable, so I've got something to start demoing to the press.

Coding-wise, we've now got nice menus using proper C# delegates and event handling, and now music fades in and out between maps. On the business front I've been sorting domain and email issues, chasing companies house, and sizing up business bank accounts.

Inspiration comes from the funniest places. Walton, Jeanette and I were watching a Pink Punk DVD last night, featuring a rambling Irish poet/philosopher using lots of long metaphysical terms very quickly. The director was doing some interesting stuff with juxtaposing sections of the film talking about organic, natural and 'healthy' ideologies against what Yap describes as "primitive" ideologies, with some nice visual effects. If I get the polish time, I'd really like to do something similar to accentuate parts of the plot.

If I've not subjected you to the joys of Pink Punk, you should check out the video to Yapolitical. For some reason, YouTube seems to think I'm from Hong Kong...